Do You Spend Too Much Time Online?

The internet is wonderful. Everything is right at your fingertips. Games, videos and your friends are all right there on your tablet, phone or laptop, whenever you want them. However, all that instant satisfaction might make it difficult for you to focus on doing things that don’t involve the internet.Man looking at his watch

As soon as you open a game or start watching videos, you’re entertained. On the other hand, focusing on real projects that might take a little while longer tends to be more rewarding. Despite the wait, they’re more worth your time and attention than the internet. For example, if you like cars, you probably spend time watching videos of races. But there’s other ways to get your octane fix—like building your own wooden dragster and racing it against the ones your friends build. You can work together to figure out whose design will be the lightest and most aerodynamic. When you get older, you’ll probably forget most of the race videos you watched but you’ll never forget building the wooden car and racing your friends.

Maybe you like playing video games and visiting other worlds. A great alternative is building a world of your own by writing a story. Writing a story is hard because you have to start from nothing. But once you’ve worked out all the characters and plot points it becomes really exciting. It also stimulates parts of your brain that video games don’t.

The internet is definitely lots of fun, and it’s great because you can use it to learn new things. It’s easy to spend all your free time with it. To prevent that, set a timer when you start using it. Try to spend no more than an hour each day in front of a screen. That way, you’ll have an easier time focusing on all the cool things happening in the world around you!


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